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Avalon is one of the leading international photo libraries, delivering some of the most extensive and high-quality image collections in the world. With an archive that goes back to the earliest days of photography, Avalon photo agency represents over 5000 contributors worldwide, capturing everything from travel, nature and wildlife, to news, entertainment, paparazzi, interiors and sport, as well as premium and microstock creative imagery. Avalon.red is home to over 26 million images, and continually growing on a daily basis. Our comprehensive collections carry everything you’re searching for and include UPPA, NHPA, Retna, Pacfific Coast News, Construction Photography, Woodfall Wild Images, Red Cover, LFI, IDOLS, World Pictures, The Travel Library, Staystill, Photos Horticultural, Picture Nature, Oceans Image, Bruce Coleman Inc, PYMCA and Look Press Agency. uk.avalon.red is the UK homepage for Avalon